How to Git

Post date: Aug 13, 2021 5:56:28 PM

Initializing your project Repo and Commit/Push to Remote Origin 

When you create a project in Azure DevOps, there are multiple options to start using Git on your project. These options are mentioned below: 

Push an existing repository 

This is the best option to use when setting up a project from scratch. This option requires you to create a local new Git repository and create a project then commit and push it to the remote origin. 


Follow the steps below to do all of the above: 

Creating branches on the Remote/Origin repo using Azure DevOps 

How to create a branch for work items in remote repo 

How to pull the changes back to local repo 

How to remove heads for all remote branches on local repo 

NOTE: You can also using the command below if you have not deleted the remote branch in Azure DevOps: 

git branch –rd <branch-name> 

git pull 

This will remove remote and local branches 

How to remove local branches from local repo when they are not needed