SharePoint Projects Intake Process

Post date: May 02, 2019 5:56:35 PM

One of the major tasks that I had to attend to when I started my new role as SharePoint Architect at my current client is to establish a dev ops for SharePoint OnPrem and SharePoint Online. Started with Azure Dev Ops I quickly recognize that the problem is bigger than that. There is no intake process for new projects either its configuration or actual development or just a client side scripts. It's ad-hoc where the BA's meet with the clients and the analysis is done quickly and dive into solution-ing without checking into the scope, release planning and actually creating SDLC artifacts that are important to track progress as well as document what we are doing.

So, the scope of devops dramatically changed. At this point, I decided to utilize Microsoft Teams to manage the workload starting from inception of an idea to completion. I engaged with my colleague and created a process which feeds on a dev/config opportunity and guide with step by step configuration of Team site to manage requirements, release planning, sprint progress and devOps for final product.











Snapshot of Team configuration:

Release Plan:


This is a running activity until the deadline of the project is met. This is the view where you copy tasks from the sprint you plan to start in the release plan, in To Do bucket so you can start working on them by creating tasks and moving the stories along as they progress until they are done.

This view is always current to show the current sprint. If there are any items left to finish from last sprint, they will show up here in either In Progress or in QA buckets.